We’re all accustomed to the traditional drinking games that usually kick-start a night out. There’s Ring of Fire, Higher or Lower and Beer Pong… all fairly straightforward and not too intense. The drinking game that has swept the nation all too recently however is Neknominate. This new source of drunken entertainment is an online drinking game that originated in Australia but has quickly made its way to the UK.

Why has this trend become so popular? Facebook is fueling it, but it’s probably because it involves what our generation do best…drinking. This and the social pressure that is placed on anyone who is nominated. If you’re nominated and don’t commit to a neknominate you are basically deemed a coward for the foreseeable future; hiding behind your news feed would be a good option at this point. This being said, the fad seems to have died down. Most likely due to the fact that everyone has already done it. What outrageous activities will social trends throw at us next!?



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